SPOT Non-Contact Infrared Pyrometers Offer Innovative Standalone Design and Advanced Capabilities

Friday, December 5, 2014

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DRONFIELD, ENGLAND— SPOT advanced non-contact infrared pyrometers, a product of the System 5 family from AMETEK Land, utilize breakthrough technology for increased accuracy, flexibility and ease of use. The SPOT product line includes eight models with a temperature measurement range from 250 to 1800oC/ 484 to 3272oF.

The pyrometers are available in a choice of wavelengths, making the versatile standalone pyrometers suitable for a wide range of industrial applications in iron and steel production, metal forging, heat treating and cement production among others.

SPOT combines Ethernet, Modbus TCP, analog inputs and outputs, and alarm contacts within a single device. Proven, high-reliability electronics and a high-quality optical system featuring a durable sapphire protection window allow SPOT pyrometers to deliver accurate, repeatable temperature readings. Readings and configuration settings are available on a rear display, remotely via a web browser, or through proprietary SPOTViewer software.


SPOT pyrometers are available in two versions: standard and fibre optic. The standard version uses a patented, pulsed green LED (no laser safety issues) to confirm spot size and focus. The fibre optic variant uses a red LED to confirm focus and spot size. SPOT pyrometers are designed for simple installation and are interchangeable with older spot pyrometers.

The fibre optic versions use flexible fibre optic light guides to allow the optic head to be mounted in a hostile environment, while the detector and electronics enclosure are located in a less hostile environment several meters away. This permits the viewing of targets that are inaccessible or in areas with high RFI or ambient temperatures where water cooling is not possible.

The SPOT M160 (single mode) and R160 (multimode) pyrometers are mid- temperature thermometers with a measurement range of 250 to 1600oC /482 to 2912oF. The SPOT M 100 (single mode) high-temperature pyrometer has a measurement range of 500 to 1800oC / 932 to 3272oF, while the SPOT R 100 (multimode) pyrometer has a measurement range of 400 to 1800oC / 752 to 3272oF.

SPOTViewer software allows users to configure, display and log data for up to 254 different pyrometer locations. Various levels of access are available to ensure security with multiple users. Data log frequency, file size, and archive locations are all configurable. SPOTViewer software makes the SPOT System 5 an ideal choice for smaller operations, where traditional process control systems are absent.

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